Since 1979 Central Masonry has building its reputation as knowledgeable, reliable and clean, something that we take very serious. We are a family run operation that prides itself in the work we do and the knowledge that we can pass on to the customer. We offer a full range of masonry services for both residential and commercial projects.



Nothing says old world charm like the crackle of burning wood in your masonry fireplace. We can design and build your dream fireplace

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Simple steps can be taken to insure that your masonry remains waterproof and safe. If a problem does arise we can inspect chimneys and fire places and advise on best repair options, such as fix cracks, remove and replace broken flue liner and re-secure or replace stones/bricks/block and waterproof. Please visit or FAQ page for more information.

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Veneer Stone

Simply put this is real stone that has been cut down to 1 to 2 inches thick . This cuts the weight down so that it can be applied in the same fashion as Manufactured stone without compromising the ruggedness and beauty it has to offer. There are several companies on Vancouver island as well the mainland that offer many different choices so once again the hardest part will be in making a decision.

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Manufactured Stone

Often called “cultured stone” Is a concrete product that is shaped and coloured to mimic the look and feel of real stone. Its price point and versatility make it a popular choice with several companies offering many different styles and colours. The disadvantage of manufactured stone that it does show damage such as scrapes and cuts, especially on darker colourings.

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Full Bed Stone

Simply put Full bed is Stone in its natural state, generally sorted to a maximum thickness of 6”. If being used as a facing it must work off of a concrete footing, so special consideration must be made for this in the planning stages. Its also used in freestanding stonewalls and fire pits.

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While not as popular as in the past, you can never go wrong with this classic

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Beautify your patio, front entrance or pathway. We can install on concrete or lay in sand

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In the past 30 years Central Masonry has helped build some of the most prominent commercial building in the Comox Valley. We can ..........

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Stone walkways, patios and retaining walls

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Allan Block

Allan Block are used for retaining walls, garden beds and as decorative accents, and do not require the use of concrete or masonry products for installation.

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